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Mission Statement

The association shall have for its objectives the discussion and exchange of professional knowledge on matters pertaining to the administration and execution of the duties of school psychologist, the improvement of professional practices, the promotion of professional ethics, the advancement of school psychology as a vital service within the educational program and the promotion of public and professional understanding of the functions of the school psychologist and the value of psychological services.

SCASP Board of Directors

Linda Beth Ginsberg 

SCASP President

Linda Beth Ginsberg is a school psychologist with Petaluma City Schools. Over the course of a long and varied career in education, she has worked with students from preschool through college and is currently serving happily at the elementary level. Linda Beth enjoys her role as a "learning detective" in helping students, staff and families understand and support each child's unique strengths and challenges. She has done additional training in positive psychology and the science of well-being. Once upon a very long time ago, Linda Beth was an anthropologist and she brings that cross-cultural perspective to understanding school, family and community systems.

Cecilia Valdovinos, M.S., NCSP 

SCASP President-Elect 

Cecilia Valdovinos is a bilingual school psychologist at Petaluma City Schools. She graduated from the University of Oregon with her masters degree, and has been a practicing school psychologist with students in grades Pre-K through 12. Cecilia has a special interest in child development, effective parenting, curriculum/program evaluation, intervention planning, and systems change. Her favorite things about being a school psychologist are working directly with students, and being a problem-solver through assessment, consultation, and collaboration. 

Matthew Park, NCSP

SCASP Past President 

Matthew Park is a graduate of the School Psychology program at San Francisco State University and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). He has been working in the field of School Psychology since 2006.  Matthew is currently the lead School Psychologist in Santa Rosa City Schools and supports both West Side Elementary School District and Alexander Valley Union School District and has worked with all age groups Pre-School through 21. Matthew has also worked as a School Psychologist in Southern California and Cleveland, OH. 

Annalise Puentes, Ed.S, NCSP

SCASP Membership Chair

Annalise Puentes is a Licensed Educational Psychologist in Sonoma County. She has worked as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) since graduating from Chapman University in 2010. Annalise enjoys the challenge of working as a team to help students from Preschool through age 22. She co-owns EmpowerED Educational Psychology Services with her colleague Bethany Deniz and works throughout the county.  After working in both Southern California and Indiana, Annalise agrees that Sonoma County is the best place to be! 

Bethany Deniz, Ed.S, NCSP, LEP

SCASP Secretary

Bethany Deniz is a Licensed Educational Psychologist dedicated to supporting the academic and emotional growth of students. Since 2009, she has used her expertise to serve and advocate for students in Sonoma County. What Bethany loves most about Educational Psychology is that it allows her to help stakeholders gain an understanding of a student’s strengths and needs, to empower them to become confident learners. She co-owns EmpowerEd Educational Psychology Services with her colleague Annalise Puentes and provides assessment, consultation, and training services to students, families, and districts.

Suzanne Merideth, PPSC, NCSP

SCASP Co-Treasurer

Suzanne Merideth is a Program Specialist at the Sonoma County & Charter SELPA. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) with two decades of experience working in special education. She has worked with student populations from preschool up to adult programs.  She is also a cadre member with Positive Environments, Network of Trainers (PENT) and Embedded Instruction, and she is also a Pyramid trainer. Suzy has held many leadership positions with SCASP and has been an active member since moving to Santa Rosa in 2003.

Steve Powner, PhD, NCSP

SCASP Co-Treasurer

Steven J. Powner is a school psychologist at Rincon Valley Union School District. He graduated with his Doctorate in School Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado. He gets to focus his work with elementary students who call him “Dr. Steve.” His training includes an emphasis in understanding the impact of pediatric traumatic brain injury on students as well as supports these students need. His professional experiences also include providing crisis support to schools dealing with grief as well as the after effects of extreme violence. He has a particular passion for teaching and enjoys any chance to teach whether it be a college course, convention presentation, training, or even a quick question by a parent walking out of a meeting.

Zenia Lemos Horning, M.Ed., NCSP, LEP

CASP Region 1 Representative

Zenia Lemos Horning entered the field of school psychology in 1998 after graduating from the University of Washington with a masters degree in educational psychology. In 2004, she became a licensed educational psychologist and then received her school administrator credential in 2013. She has worked in districts both in southern and northern california and is currently the lead psychologist and program specialist for Healdsburg Unified School District. In addition to her employment as a school psychologist, she serves on the CASP board as the Region 1 Representative and is a member of the mental health and membership committees. This school year, she is also enrolled in the school neuropsychology institute and plans to receive her diplomate certification in school neuropsychology at the end of this school year.

Member At Large
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