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Sonoma County Association of School Psychologists


January 2018 Meeting

Posted by Angela Somawang on February 28, 2018 at 12:20 PM

January 12, 2018 meeting

8:30 am

Location: Deanna Halliday’s Home, Windsor, CA

Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 8:40 AM

Roll Call:

Present: Bethany Deniz, Deanna Fontanes Halliday, Suzy Tribbey, Leslye Charlesworth, Nicole Vallee (Intern for HUSD), Angela Bonner, Maura Ryan



Minutes from December 2017 meeting (amendments/approval) -


Minutes were motioned for approval by Deanna. The motion was seconded by Suzy.

3. Amendments of agenda for January 2018 meeting

Shall we add in a section and discussion about Spring 2018 SCASP trainings or workshops?

A. Bonner request discussion of use of credit cards and pre-authorization from the Board, before using them to be written in Jan. notes.

Reminder: Board approved $25 for Board Meeting snacks.

4. Approval of agenda for January 2018 meeting

Minutes were motioned for approved by Deanna and seconded by Leslye.

5. Reports:

a. Website

-Resources added to SCASP website from Suzy’s Padlet

- Website report was tabled due to Angela Somawang’s absence.

-Holiday party and mentor program need to come off the website.

- Replace mentor program with “Ask a board member” and link to Suzy’s email.


-Discussion about future trainings. The board would like to plan for future trainings this spring. Board members should come with ideas for 2018-19 to the February meeting.

-Debrief of holiday celebration. The board is considering moving the gathering to November or January. Suzy proposed the idea of including a speaker (regarding self-care) as one idea, we are open to other ideas.

c. Co-Treasurers

-Update on status of treasurer: Angela Bonner’s seat for Treasure position will be up for next school year, please start recruiting.

- We should research with RCU how to establish club status

-Suzy, Deanna, and Angela will seek information on this and meet at the Bank.

-PO Box (Deanna will get it in place- funds have been authorized)

-Accounting programs to manage funds (Angela will check with Redwood Credit and report back)

- Financial Update: Assets as of 1/12/18:

Business Share (savings) $105.04

Business (checking) $ 159.17

Balance Money Market $ 5,276.54

Total Balance is: $ 5,540.75

Expenses between 11/4/17-12/20/17 (from Business Checking)

- 39.03 (check #71 cleared for reimbursement of Fall Kickoff)

- 19.50 (Cafe Noto Windsor on 11/16) , November Board Meeting

- 7.65 (Cafe Noto Windsor on 11/16) November Board Meeting

- 23.97 (to PayPal on 12/5) Fees? Will check into this

- <300> (transfer into checking to cover x-mas party on 12/9)

- 422.03 (for x-mas Party up from $250 from last year on 12/20)

Expenses between 11/4 and 12/20/17

- $512.18

Expenses 1/12/18

- 29.95 (for SCASP Gathering as of 1/12/18)

- Research Venmo (alternative pay non-fee)for May agenda

- Treasure will report out on PayPal expense at the end of the year


Bethany will be out starting next Friday

Annalise will be back in March.

Maura and Suzy will fill in as needed.

e. Membership:

We added one new member in December and one new member in January

We have a total of 48 current members

Discussion regarding beginning recruiting for SCASP Board positions now. Request to send out an email to membership regarding participation on the SCASP Executive Board!

Email retirees about sub-committee?

Discussion about retirees mentoring new psychs. This conversation will be continued next month.

Discussion about leaving formal mentoring to districts and adding “Ask a Board Member” section on website with a link to Suzy’s email.

f. Region 1 Rep:

Spring conference March 22, 23, 24, 2018, Monterey--who is -going?

CASP Affiliate Meetings in January 2018

Angela Bonner reported that she and Matt Park from SRCSD will be going from SRCS and presenting a Panel workshop with other staff and administrators regarding Crisis Response during the fires and how this impacted Santa Rosa City Schools.

Discussion took place regarding debriefing crisis response and potentially creating a google doc to gather information and needs. How did you handle this, what did you do, what would you need in future?

Leslye will speak with Zenia about all of this.

g. Other reports?

SELPA update - Suzy reported

Suicide Training on January 31st through SCOE

SRCS will have their Suicide Prevention Policy up on their website soon if other districts would like to review.

Suzy is still doing PBIS coaches and Behavior Network…. Anyone who writes behavior plans is welcome to attend.

There is a new behavior plan on SEIS which is a bit shorter.

Any questions about behavior plans, please send them to Suzy.

New California budget came out and it looks good. It puts money toward retaining new teachers, inclusionary preschools, and we DO need SELPAs!

Superintendents want to explore Fee for Service model for SELPA workshops and services.

-School Psychologist Interns - SRCS has 3 Interns now. We now have several MOU with outlining Universities in the Bay Area. We have supervision and our Interns are highly paid (although, next year that amount may drop a bit) we are actively recruiting for next year.

Healdsburg has a practicum student this year and are hoping we will have an intern position next year.

-Monthly Newsletter - really like this idea a lot!! Region 1 Rep. back in 2010 used to send these out at least twice a year, particularly with Legal information, pertaining to our profession.

7. Post Trauma Care Training Updates?

RCC (Restorative Culture Collaborative) has brought in Dr. David Schoenfeld of So. Cal., to address fire victims and their trauma. Evidently, he is in conjunction with SCOE.

We also could have someone in from Jeanna Ruppel from Restorative Resources, Restorative Culture Collaborative, or Laura Mooiman from Napa, from C-RP (Jen, Principal at Evergreen)

Potentially have this SCASP training in April

8. End of year party - in June

-Need to determine date and location of party

Last end of the years party at Kendall Jackson was lovely!!

We would like to try to be more centrally located so more people could potentially attend.

Deanna suggested Bear Republic (where Legends used to be). Deanna will investigate this option.

Karah was also discussed. Deanna will investigate this option too

Discussion of having the party after the school year has ended - potentially when kids are done but we are doing our last week. We are looking at 6/7, 6/8, 6/11, or 6/12.

We should put out an RSVP, as folks are more likely to attend if they commit through an RSVP

9. Next Meeting(s)?

-2/7/18 (Wednesday) 2:30-4:30

- Treasure Mrs. Bonner will be absent

- Membership Ms. Ryan will be either late or unable to attend

-3/12/18 (Monday) 8:30-10:30

-4/10/18 (Tuesday) 1:30-3:30 (Leslye & Zenia HUSD district office)

- Treasure Mrs. Bonner will be absent

-5/4/18 (Friday) 12:00-2:00

End of Year Party - TBD

Meeting adjourned meeting 10:35am

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