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May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Somawang on August 17, 2017 at 12:05 PM


From MAY 9TH, 2017 MEETING


Location: DEANNA’S HOME - Private Residence


Present: Deanna Fontanes-Halliday, Annalise Puentes, Angela Somawang

Absent: Suzy Tribbey, Ryan Pepin, Angela Bonner, Bethany Deniz, Kathy Bregder, Zenia Horning


Minutes from APRIL - Refer to Appendix A: Approved

Agenda for MAY 2017:

Any amendments: adding the website chair to ballot.

3. Approval of Agenda for MAY 2017 : May 2017 Agenda adopted

4. Bylaws completed, vote to approve. Voted and approved. Adopted and in effect as of May 9th 2017.

5. Nominations for SCASP 2017-18 Officer Positions

Discussion: What is the status with nominations for positions of SCASP executive committee for next school year?

Nominations were due by May 1st, 2017.

President: Zenia Horning

Treasurer: Suzy Tribbey and Angela Bonner as co-treasurers

Secretary: Annalise Puentes and Bethany Deniz as co-secretaries

Membership: Teresa Knapp 

Status of: Ballots scheduled to be sent out on May 1st so voting can take place and is scheduled to be closed by May 15th. Deanna will ask Zenia to send out the ballot with the option to write a name in for each position.

6. Reports/Discussion Items:

Co-Presidents; Co-Treasurers; Co-Secretaries; Membership; Website; Region 1 Rep: Other Reports?

a. Co-Presidents Report (Deanna Fontanes-Halliday):

Discussion regarding 2017-18 SCASP Membership fees

Fee to include:

SCASP membership for yearly membership and attendance to all SCASP sponsored events for the 2017-18 year

Deanna suggested $50 membership for whole year which would include, trainings, parties, events, for the entire year. That would not include CEUs. It would include lunch for one of the full day training and snacks for other trainings.

Affiliates (students, retirees, non-psychs) would be $40

Deanna would like us to consider giving a percentage of fees to be designated to CASP’s Political Action Coalition (PAC). 1-3 percent.

Annalise and Angela are in agreement with the membership and the members agreed to table this for a formal vote until more members are present. We may email this out for votes.

Fee variation for:

Regular Membership

Suggested fee: $50

Affiliate Membership

Suggested fee: $40

To include:



Non-School Psych’s in Education

Parents and All Other Interested People

* Vote on above items specific to 2017-18 SCASP Membership Fees

b. Co-Treasurer's Report (Kathy Bregder & Deanna Fontanes-Halliday):

Status of SCASP account being reimbursed from Kathy Bregder for reimbursement she initiated last year of $103.00? Deanna will investigate with Kathy

Status of: SCASP’s donation to Positive Images $240 for the workshop they facilitated on XXXX. Deanna will investigate with Kathy

Current report on balance in account : 5,092.25

Deanna wants to have a discussion and ideally a vote on alternative methods of payment to simplify membership fee payments and training payments for non SCASP members

c. Co-Secretaries Report- (Analise Puentes & Bethany Deniz): nothing to report

d. Membership Report- (Zenis Horning): nothing to report

e. Website Report - Angela S. reported that she updated the website (for free!) and changed the aesthetic. The website gives an option for using the web store to pay for memberships and trainings, but it will cost 311.76 for two years (the fee includes three emails attached to website, access to the store, more gigabytes, more aesthetic choices, etc.), and would connect to a paypal account. We would then also have to pay the 3% paypal charges for each transaction. We will discuss and vote on this when their are more members present. That fee would include a card reader so we could take payment on site when needed.

f. Region 1 Rep Report (Ryan) - absent

g. Other:

Nominations for CASP’s Outstanding School Psychologist of the Year

Status of this year’s nomination by Alan Murakami? Deanna will email Alan to follow up.

Status of how SCASP handles multiple nominations in a given year for future reference: Ryan was absent

There is some confusion about who is nominating who. Is SCASP formally nominating someone? 

7. Save the Date for:

September 26th 2017 SCASP Mental Health “kick off” 8:30 - 3:30 pm

SCASP 2017-18 Kickoff to be held in Redwood C at SELPA.

Discuss fees to be paid to presenters:

Carl Corbin (see minutes in Appendix A) $300 for 3 hours

CAPE (free?) table until Suzy can give more information

Discuss amount to be charged for the workshop and what this included: $50 for the membership, which would include this training, and lunch for this training. $40 dollars for just training and lunch if you don’t want to become a SCASP member

Status of flyer, content and distribution (Contents and Details) Deanna will talk to Angela and Suzy about it. Once solidified Angela S. will put it on website and facebook


Carl speaking 8:30-11:25

Catered Lunch 11:30-12:45

CAPE speaks 1-2

Suzy T speaks on PENT Mental Health 2:10-3:30

Fees inclusive of: workshop, lunch, SCASP Membership and PAC Donations (should we exclude SCASP Membership and PAC Donations from the flyer and announce this as a bonus to the attendees at the event in order to support those of us who need the flyer not to contain language that reflects membership dues and donations?)

Additional fee of $15.00 for CEU’s

Maximum number of attendees?

Do we want to broaden our outreach/marketing of this event? Yes if space allows (school counselors, other administrators, etc.). Deanna will look into the capacity of Redwood C at SCOE or look at other options

Status of CEU’s for Kick-Off Event? Suzy Tribbey will take this on

Status of additional ACES training for Kick-Off and or for future trainings - Suzy to report on

8. CASP - CALLING FOR VOLUNTEERS for Fall Conference (Deanna)

Request from Conference Chair:

Is SCASP interested in being a part of the Fall Conference Organization?

See APPENDIX B - email sent last week, as a deadline of May 8th was set and Deanna wanted to assure all SCASP members had an opportunity to volunteer before the deadline, as our May meeting is taking place after the deadline.

Anyone interested as a group or individually?

9. End of the Year SCASP Party @ Kendall-Jackson winery off the 101

Date: Thursday June 1st. From 3-5 p.m.

$300.00 budget was approved.

Status of flyer to all SCASP members? Deanna will work to have the invite sent out again

Discussion about non-SCASP members attending

For this event the members agreed to allow non-SCASP members to attend for free as a way to include more potential members and be a marketing opportunity. For next year we can charge $10

In the past a $10 fee was requested of non SCASP members

May we want to consider extending an invitation to non-SCASP members and support their attendance for free IF they register to be a SCASP member for next year?

They would need to pay for the 2017-18 membership at this end of the year event

If we do this, we would need to have designated people to oversee this registration process

Additionally, we should discuss having a system in place for quick and easy payments, such as a “Square” Most likely going with paypal but we will discuss at next meeting.

Status of the Pre-deposit for the party?

Status of this event open to children? Yes to children

10. All Other Business (AOB)

Discuss transition process between current officers to future officers

Possible date for all current and future officers to meet in an effort to support a process of smooth transition, as well as hand-over of any necessary or required documents or files June 8th at Deanna’s house

Discuss an official name change from SCASP Steering Committee to SCASP Executive Committee for the 2017-18 year (this will align to current CASP practices) All in agreement

Discuss future date(s) for the first 2017-18 SCASP Executive Board Meeting

We will have one more meeting June 8th at 9:00 at Deanna’s house to do final votes for the items discussed today

Discuss website

Discuss future ‘17-’18 Executive board meetings 



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