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November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Somawang on May 8, 2017 at 4:35 PM



TIME: 8:30 A.M. - 10:00 a.m.


In Attendance: Angela Bonner; Deanna Fontanes-Halliday; Bethany Deniz; Annalise Puentes. Kathy Bregder, Angela Somawang, Suzy Tribbey



Last SCASP OCTOBER Meeting Follow-up


Minutes from 10/20/2016 Meeting Adopted

Committee Member’s Reports:


- Angela to share By-Law (draft); Angela researched places for Holiday parties, report and discuss.

- The group discussed charging 20 dollars for students and retired members while charging 25 dollars for everyone else

Deanna to share the feedback from the evaluation forms submitted from the Oct. 25th training on Challenging Relationships, Difficult Conversations and Positive Results

There were 12 respondents Click Here to See Responses

New Members:

Heather Meader, SCOE (ERMHS provider to ED classes),

Inge Helderweirt, SRCS (behavior spec),

Sharen Bertrando, SELPA (prog spec),

Alex Cowan, Windsor (psych),

Debbie Groff, Retired (psych), Mark West/private,

Danielle Capone, CRP (psych),


Thank you card to be signed by Steering Committee on 11/17/16 for presenters of training on 10/25/2016

There was an issue at the last training offered, where SELPA employees were charged to attend. The group discussed how to change this. The group considered allowing the presenter to decide who they want to invite for free. We also discussed allowing the SELPA director and Program Specialists to be allowed access to all SCASP trainings since we work so closely with them and they have graciously supported SCASP with many resources.





Report on revenue from Oct 25th Training ($180 - 6 new members @ $25/member + 2 @ $15 (training fee only).


Media/ Website Membership

Angela Somawang will explore if SCASP can use Paypal and the Square App through our website in order to charge for trainings and membership online. She will also explore getting the Square App and hardware so we can take payment at trainings via credit card.


CASP 1 Region Rep

Old business

On-going discussion re: Angela and Deanna would like to solicit a co-chair. Next month we will discuss what we want out of the website (content, registration, aesthetic, etc.) and how much money do we want to invest in the website. How much money does it cost to host registration and online payments? Group decided to continue this discussion.


PREPaRE: 2 options - Full day or 1/2 day suicide prevention training (Cost: traveling and speaker fee). 2 day NASP PREPaRE training is $45 per person paid to NASP, limit of 40 participants (traveling, speaker fees). Stephen Brock Full day is $3,000, half day is $1,500, both do not include mileage. Group discussed that if SELPA/SCOE chip in, this might be more doable. SCASP discussed chippin in 1,000 dollars. Suzy will ask Debra Saunders at SCOE about her interest in co -hosting this training.

Redwood Credit Union on Cleveland avenue has a large training space that might work well for large groups. Deanna will look into availability.

Suzy will look into space availability at SCOE as well


Follow-up from Suzy Tribbey from last month’s meeting:

Sharen Bertrando already has a training in the works with CAPTAIN on Autism. Stay tuned ... she said it'll be sometime in January.

SELPA is talking to SEIS about adding the PSW form for SLD determination. Hope to have it up by next week or so! This will be announced to all the directors tomorrow morning at Steering.

Adam is willing to ask Dr. Herrington to co-sponsor the suicide prevention training, but asks that I send him an email with the cost and description. Bethany ... could you write something up once Steve B. gives you an estimate and I'll send it along?

The website has already been updated to indicate membership as $25.

I have an email in to Positive Images requesting a presentation sometime in January or February. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.

Javier, from Positive Images, is available to present with 2 others for $160. Februrary 9th 2:30-4:30 at SCOE. Suzy will get more info from the founder.


New Business

Holiday Party Details and Invites: Angela Bonner will create a blurb about it to send out, and Annalise will will create the form to send out. We will have it at Steele and Hops and will invite partners and families.

The group also discussed having a happy hour event at Graton Casino in Janurary.



-Suzy will run through the CAPTAINS website (provides resources for working with students with autism).

- CASP update for spring conference.

- Kathy will looking into talking to Tara from San Franciscio regarding training on issues with working with Trans students.

- review updated By-laws



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