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October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Somawang on May 8, 2017 at 4:30 PM


Confirmed: Angela Bonner; Deanna Fontanes-Halliday; Bethany Deniz; Annalise Puentes; Suzy Tribbey; Kathy Bregder, Ryan Pepin

Regrets: Michelle Fourre, Zenia


Last SCASP SEPTEMBER Meeting Follow-up

CORRECTION FOR SEPTEMBER MINUTES regarding finances: (see Kathy’s e-mail) “We brought in $1800 for 72 memberships at $25 each, and $400 in CPD requests (20 X $20)--so $2200 was the gross. We spent $400 for Carl's fee, $63.80 for coffee and $64.10 for food for a total of $527.90 outgo. So the net is actually $1672.10 ($2200 - $527.90). CPD intake from the past 2 years (not recorded anywhere else): $340 for 2015-16 (2 small workshops) and $1040 for 2014-15 (3 workshops).”

Adoption of Minutes from 9/20/2016 Meeting (Minutes adopted by all in attendance)

Committee Member’s Reports

Presidents updated info for SCASP training next week (see below)

Secretaries no updates

Treasure no updates

Media/ Website Angela and Deanna would like to solicit a co-chair. Next month we will discuss what we want out of the website (content, registration, aesthetic, etc.) and how much money do we want to invest in the website. How much money does it cost to host registration and online payments?

Membership No report provided

CASP 1 Region Rep CASP Conference is coming next week, so Ryan will have more information after the CASP Board Meeting

Old business

On-going discussion re: subcommittees for website development (see minutes from 9/20/16)

Our November meeting takes place on Nov. 17th at 8:30am (Location: Nectars)

New Business

Discussion of 25th October SCASP Workshop (Deanna and all)

29 Registered People to date! 30 people signed up, 5 will be coming with cash/check.

Volunteers to assist w/ registration and setup: Connie Freeman, Lisa Young, Michelle Fourre and Deanna Fontanes-Halliday, Kathy Bregder

Web site where are we? Does Angela S. need a Co-Website Chair ?

By-Laws update (Angela AND RYAN) Angela provided CASP Affiliate Leadership Guide and draft SCASP By-Laws. Angela had reviewed two other affiliate by-laws. Ryan reported that we should provide Sarah Rodriguez (point person at CASP) a copy of the adopted by-laws. Angela will share the draft by-laws to the steering committee to comment on Google Drive. We will vote on this at the November SCASP Steering Meeting. Group likes the idea of allowing two people to co-chair a position.

Planning for next SCASP Spring Conference (PREPaRE)? Host a happy hour during the conference?

PREPaRE: 2 options - Full day or 1/2 day suicide prevention training (Cost: traveling and speaker fee). 2 day NASP PREPaRE training is $45 per person paid to NASP, limit of 40 participants (traveling, speaker fees).

Cognition in Present Levels on IEPs Suzy asked about the need for a specific portion of the Present Levels to discuss cognition.

SCASP advertising on SELPA website Suzy spoke with Adam, and SELPA is not interested in providing registration for SCASP, but they are interested in providing a link to the SCASP website on their updated website.


Bethany will investigate what the fees are for the suicide prevention training by Stephen Brock.

Suzy will talk with SELPA and SCOE about need for suicide training/PREPaRE.

Deanna will continue to look into places for the Holiday party and ask about corkage fees.

Suzy will investigate the possibility of working with Positive Images for a training. (How to support your school in accepting all students and tools for specialists)

Zenia will send out a save the date for the Holiday Party


Planning for next SCASP meet-up (Happy Hour)

Planning for SCASP Christmas Party (FLAMINGO HOTEL?) plan for about 20 people, $100 (200 max if we have a larger group), Suzy will get wine at Costco so we can have a few bottles paid for. Deanna will look into corkage fees at various locations.

Planning for Spring CASP Conference


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