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August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Somawang on May 8, 2017 at 4:30 PM

2016-17 SCASP Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

August 17, 2016

Chloe’s Cafe in Santa Rosa



In Attendance: Deanna Fontanes-Halliday, Angela Bonner, Michelle Fourre, Heidi, Hahn, Teresa Knapp, Ryan Pepin, Kathy Bregder, Zenia Horning, Regina Herrington, Bethany Deniz, Annalise Puentes, Suzy Tribbey.


Discuss SCASP Meeting Expectations:

Group agreed to start on time, no side conversations. To help ensure we start on time, people interested in ordering food and socializing will be expected to come 30 minutes prior to start time.

There will be a designated time keeper at each meeting. Angela Bonner volunteered to be time-keeper for this meeting.

Discuss Overview of Roles and Responsibilities for all SCASP Officers Elected Position:

Team discussed the possibility of electing positions more in line with CASP officers, specifically to have past, president, and president elect. The group will plan on using that model next year.

All SCASP Officers should be both SCASP and CASP members.

The following responsibilities were added to the various positions

President: as appropriate, will introduce presenters or coordinate with members to introduce presenters, at trainings and events. Approve Steering Committee minutes

Treasurer: Collect money, disseminate money, manage bank account and bring to SCASP meetings the balance of the bank account (transparency)

Membership chair: will maintain and update county wide email list

CASP Region 1 Rep: Will man a table at SCASP events where people can sign up to be a CASP member

Vote to fill the two open positions (membership chair and CEU Coordinator)

Group decided that no one person can hold two officer positions at the same time

Connie Freeman, current co-treasurer, asked to step down from the position of Co-Treasure. Teresa Knapp volunteered to take the position as Co-Treasure and group voted in agreement.

The group discussed the pros and cons of applying to become a NASP approved CPD provider as well as using the CASP CPDs. The group agreed that more information was needed to determine which to pursue, which would impact the role of the CEU Coordinator position.

Annalise Puentes and Suzy Tribbey will make a google document to compare both options.

Annalise Puentes will upload the NASP Approved Provider’s Documents to google. Available Here

SCASP Committee to vote at next meeting for either CASP or NASP CPDs provider.

Discuss new SCASP structure

The group discussed updating SCASP By-Laws. Presidents will upload the by laws into google docs and allow for comments from SCASP Steering Members.

Ryan Pepin will get sample By-Laws from other regional organizations as a template

Group agreed to post Steering Meeting notes on website

Group discussed Membership Chair position taking on the role of reaching out to smaller districts or psychologists working on their own.


Discuss Ad-Hoc/Sub Committees idea

Group suggests adding Holiday/End of Year Party and Fundraising sub-committees.

Discuss CASP Spring Conference

Ryan Pepin will check with CASP about the ability of SCASP to host a fundraiser.

Clarify that this event is the CASP Spring Institute

Develop a process for information distribution specific to job requests throughout the year by Districts in need of having position filled. Was not discussed, move to next agenda item.


Officer Positions as of 8/17/16

Co- President: Angela Bonner and Deanna Fontanes-Halliday

Co-Secretary: Annalise Puentes and Bethany Deniz

Co-Treasurer: Kathy Bregder and Teresa Knapp

CEU Coordinator: vacant until further information can be gathered to determine responsibilities

Media Chair/Website: Angela Somawang

Membership Chair: Zenia Horning

CASP Region 1 Rep: Ryan Pepin



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