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September 26, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Somawang on November 26, 2018 at 10:25 PM

September 26, 2018 SCASP Board of Directors Meeting

2:30-4:00 pm

Location: Deanna Fontanes-Halliday’s Home, Santa Rosa, CA

Call to order: 2:40 pm

Roll Call:

Present: Suzy Tribbey, Susan Langer, Leslye Charlesworth, Mary Burkhardt, Angela Somawang, Bethany Deniz, Deanna Fontanes-Hallida 

Not present:

Annalise Puentes, Zenia Horning, Maura Ryan, Ryan Pepin, Angela Bonner


Welcome and THANK YOU!!

2. Minutes from August 2018 meeting (amendments/approval) SEE APPENDIX A

Deanna motioned to adopt the August minutes, Suzy seconded the motion. No discussion. All in favor.

3. Amendments to agenda for September 2018 meeting

See Region 1 Rep, Item F.

Leslye motioned to accept the amended agenda, Deanna seconded, all in favor.

4. Approval of agenda for September 2018 meeting

5. Reports:


Fall Workshop Debrief:

Leslye and Deanna will scan and email the feedback forms to Suzy. Suzy will incorporate them with the survey results and report back.

Discussion about ½ vs full day workshops for the future. Deanna discussed that this will depend on the presenter and the cost. Roberts Rules

Roberts Rules will be included in the agenda to reference as needed.

Vote on Fire Funds

Leslye opened a discussion about voting on reimbursing fire victims for membership. This affects three SCASP members (2 reimbursements and 1 free membership).

Suzy motioned that we reimburse Matt Park and Irene Chang for their workshop registration which includes membership for the 2018-19 school year and email Cory Lucas explaining that he will also have free SCASP membership for the 2018-19 school year. Mary seconded it. No discussion. All in favor. Leslye and Zenia will communicate this.

Voting by proxy when needed (simple procedure/agreement on this)

Leslye discussed voting by email. Susan feels that this is appropriate. Deanna feels that a designated individual should facilitate that process and include the whole board. Votes by proxy will be reviewed at the next meeting and placed in the next agenda.

Deanna motioned that we vote by proxy as needed when initiated by the president. Susan seconded it. No discussion. All in favor.

Next Event? How many events this year? (subcommittees: food, reaching out/confirming speakers, set up/break down, registration).

Deanna mentioned a discussion with Brian Leung, about him possibly providing a training on positive psychology. The group discussed whether positive psychology would draw enough participants. Deanna will explore this and get more information.

The team will discuss this again after reviewing the feedback forms.

Bethany will email Steve Brock regarding a suicide/risk assessment training.

Winter Social: Deanna would like to consider Bowman Winery in Graton. Suzy is a member of Iron Horse and we can use their space if we buy 2 bottles of champagne. Iron Horse may be better suited for an end of the year gathering. Deanna will explore options.

Dates were discussed for the winter social: Early December or Early January were discussed.

Attaching the social to a worksop was another idea discussed.

It was discussed that we do winter social in December, Suicide Training in February, and a spring workshop that would include the end of the year social.

Suzy suggested that we get a speaker for the winter social to draw in more members.

Board members are going to look into options for the social.

12/6 is the date we would like for the winter social.

Budget for this year (things to consider--food, speakers, how many workshops, social events this year, retreat, website/registration form fees?).

Budget discussion was tabled until the next meeting when more board members are present.

b . Website/Social Media

-Decide what form to use for registration and how best to link to website, etc.

-Clarify roles for website edits, PayPal transfers, and managing registration lists

(time to train on these jobs)

Angela proposed that Maura be the point person for managing the spreadsheet for membership and training attendance. The treasurer (Angela S.) would manage the PayPal account.

A discussion was had about starting an event sub committee.

Angela discussed her process for managing registration for events.

Deanna motioned to table this discussion. Suzy seconded it. No discussion. All in favor.

-Edit board of directors information on website

c. Treasurer

New Treasurer to be voted in (Angela Somawang). Bethany motions to elect Angela Somawang to be treasurer. Deanna seconded it. Discussion: Angela will commit to the role for this school year. All in favor.

Old Treasurer to be removed from the Executive Board, Angela Bonner. Bethany motioned to accept Angela Bonner’s resignation from the role of treasurer and the executive board. Deanna seconded it. Discussion: Angela B will mentor Angela S as needed. All in favor.

-Statement to change names and address on the Redwood Bank SCASP

Deanna motions that Angela Somawang oversees the account and that Deanna and Suzanne remain on the account with access to the debit card. On the account:

Angela Somawang

Deanna Fontanes Halliday

Suzanne Tribbey

Suzy seconds. No discussion. All in favor.

Account Summary as of 9/24/18:

Business Balance Savings $105.10

Dividen year to date is .06 cents

Dividen last year to date was .04 cents

*Not sure if you want to keep this savings account, but the Bank might of said we had too because we are set up as a “Business Account”, I can’t remember. Something to look into.

Basic Business Checking $700.00

All Checks to clear come out of this account

Debit card is also linked to this account

PayPal goes into this account

Paypal also has a fee not sure how much

Balance Money Market $ 6,572.82

Dividen year to date is $16.51

Dividen last year to date was $14.99

*This account was set up by Kathy B. to make us money. So after all events, I transfer as much money into this account to make us the most dividends.

Total in all accounts is $7,377.92

*Checks not cleared yet as of 9/24/2018:

$40.34 check

$167.12 sent to PAC/CASP

$300 to Carl Corbin for SCASP Kick-Off

Total in all accounts is: $6,870.46

Income from Fall Kickoff: $2,527.37 (-$150.00 for petty cash, which we didn’t use, so I included that into the full amount. If you take out the -$150.00, then we actually made $2,377.37 for the Fall Kickoff. NICE JOB!!!!!!

Expense for Fall Kickoff: $39.45 for Costco and $39.00 for the Jot Form to sign up, $300.00 for Carl Corbin = $ 378.45 expense

Total for FALL KICK OFF: $1,998.92 - whatever it costs for PayPal.


e. Membership:

-How to disperse/invite SCASP members versus non-members?

-Who pays for membership and who doesn’t? How do we log members who have “free membership” (like fire victims for example)?

-Pending email blasts (CASP “Self-Investment Survey”;) and follow up from kick-off

Membership was tabled

f. Region 1 Rep:

- Climbing wall donation? (vote)

$128.00 is the amount each affiliate is contributing

Leslye motions to approve the $128 donation for the climbing wall at the convention. Deanna seconded it. Discussion: Suzy discussed that we have few members going to CASP who would access this. Deanna motioned that we donate $25. Suzy seconded it. All are in favor.

-Update on Post Office Box - Tabled to next month and to be added to the annual budget discussion

- Application

- Fees for 6 months ($48)

- Fees for 12 months + 1 Free Month = 13 Months ($96)

-Upcoming CASP Conference - November 7-10 in San Diego

- Additional notes from CASP President, Brian Leung

1. Speak to a university/college class about school psychology as a career. I attached an infographic and directed you to CASP or NASP website to download a PPT if you wish.

2. Visit your local affiliates and keep them informed about CASP happenings and benefits (e.g. CEU, Larry P, etc.),

3. Try your local ACSA rep again, if possible. It's really important that we get these administrators to better understand our training and our profession.

g. Other reports?

SELPA update

6. Next Meeting(s)?

Note: Steve Powner from Rincon Valley would like to visit board meeting and interested in getting involved more.

Tentative Schedule (every 6 weeks) Who can host the next meeting? Sign up here :)

Tuesday, November 13th (2:30-4:00pm)--Susan Langer’s Place at 1684 Happy Valley Rd. Santa Rosa

Monday, December 10th (2:30-4:00pm)

Friday, January 28th (9-11am)

Tuesday, March 12th (2:30-4pm)

Friday, April 26th--(8:30-10:30am)


7. Meeting adjourned at: 4:16pm

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