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June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Somawang on August 17, 2017 at 12:55 PM

SCASP AGENDA for June 15th, 2017 MEETING (date changed from 6/8/2017) 8:30-12:00am

Please Note: Minutes are in Blue Text

Location: Private Residence


Present: Ryan Pepin, Deanna Fontanes-Halliday, Zenia Horning, Angela Bonner, Annalise Puentes, Angela Somawang, Bethany Deniz.

Absent: Leslye C., Kathy B., Maura R.,

Mtg. called to order at at 9:12


Minutes from May 2017:

Refer to Appendix A

Amendments of Agenda for June 2017:

Approval of Agenda for June 2017:

Update on Executive Board Elections for SCASP 2017-18 Officer Positions:

Discussion on payment options for Membership:







Region 1 Rep

Other Reports?

7. Updates on Fall Kick-Off Event

8. End of the Year Party Updates

9. Other items to discuss:

Do we want to support an event, similar to the past events where SCASP/SELPA facilitated a Panel Presentation w/ SCOE, SELPA, NPS’s, NPA’s, etc

Do we want to consider incorporating this into the Sept. Kick-off event?

1. Minutes from May - Refer to Appendix A: (ACTION ITEM - VOTE)

Any amendments? no

Approved? Yes (7 yays, 0 nays)

2. Agenda for June 2017: (ACTION ITEM - VOTE)

Any amendments? No (7 yays, 0 nays)

3. Approval of Agenda for June 2017 (ACTION ITEM - VOTE)

Approved (7 yays, 0 nays)

4. Update on Executive Board Election Results for SCASP 2017-18 Officer Positions

DFH : Discuss which positions have voting rights and discuss : one vote per position for those positions that have two people supporting specific positions(ACTION ITEM -VOTE)

Board discussed and agreed that each co-member will have a vote (not each position individually). Board voted, 7 yays - 0 nays. Board adopts this position

Co-Presidents: Zenia Horning and Leslye Charlesworth

Co-Treasurers: Angela Bonner and Suzy Tribbey

Co-Secretaries: Annalise Puentes and Bethany Deniz

Membership: Maura Ryan

Website: Angela Somawang

Region I Affiliate Representative: Deanna Fontanes-Halliday

5. Discussion on payment options for Membership

Square vs. Website vs. Pay Pal

Refer to current Website/Webmaster Report in June 2017 Agenda for details

6. Reports /Discussion Items:

Co-Presidents Report (Angela Bonner & Deanna Fontanes-Halliday):

Discussion regarding 2017-18 SCASP Membership fees

Fee variation for:

Regular Membership (School Psychologist & LEP’s)

Suggested fee: $50.00 (exclusive of CEU’s)

Affiliate Membership

Suggested fee: $40.00

To include:


Interns & Students

Non-School Psych’s in Education

Parents and All Other Interested People

Board agreed that Regular Membership will be $50 (all school psychs, LEPs, educators/professionals in the field)

Retiree - $40

First year psychs - $40

Student/Intern - $25

Board voted on this 7 yays- 0 nays

Fee to include:

SCASP membership for yearly membership and attendance to all SCASP sponsored events for the 2017-18 year

Percentage of fees to be designated to CASP’s Political Action Coalition (PAC)

What % does SCASP want to designate towards the CASP PAC? We discussed: 1-3 percent.

Board agreed to donate 3% for the ‘17-’18 school year to the CASP PAC. Voted - 6 yays - 0 nays

B) Discussion on “Hand-Over” of SCASP Binder to the 2017-18 Co-Presidents: binder handed over to Zenia Horning

Co-Treasurer's Report (Kathy Bregder & Deanna Fontanes-Halliday):

New treasurers voted in are Angela Bonner and Suzanne Tribbey. They are replacing Kathy Bregder on the account, and Kathy will be removed from the account. Angela Bonner and Suzanne Tribbey will be responsible for maintaining account for the 2017-2018 school year. The following SCASP officers will be on the account: Suzanne Tribbey, Angela Bonner, and Deanna Fontanes-Halliday.

Discuss possibly changing banks? No need to change bank

Redwood Credit Union’s procedures for change in designated people on account (DFH to report):

New written agreements with names and driver’s licenses provided will override current names on account (Kathy B and DFH) Angela Bonner and Suzy Tribbey need to fill out individual “Application and Agreement” to change who has authorization on the account.

Status of SCASP account being reimbursed from Kathy Bregder for reimbursement she initiated last year of $103.00?

Status of: SCASP’s donation to Positive Images $240 for the workshop they facilitated on

Previous and Current report on balance in account

May 2017 $5,092.25

June 2017 $4,540.05

Co-Secretaries Report- (Analise Puentes & Bethany Deniz): None at this time

Membership Report- (Zenia Horning) - none at this time

Website/Webmaster (Angela S. to update everyone on new website)

Discuss additional Areas of Content (table for next meeting)

Legal Updates

Items in process: Kaiser’s agreements with SELPA re: dx of SLD


Membership Payment online via website: The website gives an option for using the web store to pay for memberships and trainings, but it will cost $311.76 for two years (the fee includes three emails attached to website, access to the store, more gigabytes, more aesthetic choices, etc.), and would connect to a paypal account.

We would then also have to pay the 3% paypal charges for each transaction.

That fee would include a card reader so we could take payment on site when needed.

At last month’s meeting, we decided to table this discussion to June’s meeting and vote on this when their are more members present.

PayPal has a card reader for 14.99. We can also have an online option to pay online for 2 years for $311.

Total fee for online payment for 2 years and having a card reader (card reader would remain ours after two years) would be $327

$194.87 for one year of online payment and card reader.

Both would include ongoing fee of 2.9% + .30 cents for each transaction online, and 2.7% for each card reader swipe.

Board discussed and voted. 7 yays and 1 nay - the board moves to adopt the payment options of one year online payment plus a card reader ($194.87) plus

Discuss: Do we want the website to require a login, so only members can access? Free access until later discussion

Region 1 Rep Report (Ryan Pepin)

Nominations for CASP’s Outstanding School Psychologist of the Year

Status of this year’s nomination by Alan Murakami? He did nominate Christa Forslund

Status of how SCASP handles multiple nominations in a given year for future reference: (Table for next meeting)

Other Reports:

7. Updates on Fall 2017 Kick-Off Event:

September 26th 2017 SCASP Mental Health “kick off” 8:30 - 3:30 pm

SCASP 2017-18 Kickoff to be held in Redwood C at SELPA. This will hold 60 people with tables and chairs. Deanna will look into larger spaces. Carl Corbin will provide update on legal briefing and suicide bill. CAPE (12:45-2pm Ryan will ask them and discuss about QPR) and PENT (Suzy Tribbey) for the afternoon

Angela S. will put this on the website.

Discuss fees to be paid to presenters:

Carl Corbin ($300.00 / 3 hours)

CAPE (free?) or other ideas … see below text in green highlight … CAPE is free

Fees to be charged for the workshop and what this included:


Lunch - Chloe’s (people will need to register and indicate what meal they want) - Angela B. will check with Suzy about price. Angela B. will also look into Panera and Boudins. We will try to keep it from $10-12 per lunch. Angela will estimate for 60 lunches.

Donation to CASP’s PAC (Political Action Coalition) - will be included in their overall fee

SCASP Yearly Membership with varying membership fees

Status of flyer, content and distribution (Contents and Details)


Carl speaking 8:30-11:25

Catered Lunch 11:30-12:30

Plan A:

CAPE speaks 12:45-2

Suzy T speaks on PENT Mental Health 2:10-3:30

Additional fee of $15.00 for CEU’s

Who to orchestrate?

Annalise will provide an outline for Zenia to develop a flyer. Flyer will go out August 1st. Flyer to include 8:00-8:25 registration, 8:30-11:30 Carl Corbin legal update, 11:30-12:30 lunch, 12:45-2:00 CAPE, 2:10-3:30 PENT. Training only (non membership fee) will be for $25. On the flyer be careful with wording to clarify that it would not cover “membership” so that districts will reimburse

Maximum number of attendees? 60 as of now, but Deanna will pursue looking into a space that could hold more.

Do we want to broaden our outreach/marketing of this event? Yes

Board agrees to date and presenters (September 26th, Carl Corbin, CAPE and Suzy Tribbey about PENT). We will continue to figure out lunch and other small details

PLAN A: Status of additional ACES training for Kick-Off and or for future trainings - Suzy to report on …. Or …..

PLAN B: Rebekah Pope from SCOE is interested in participating in a Panel Presentation

that addresses the various support services and organizations that are available to

district’s top address:

Death and school crisis

Suicide and suicide ideation

Counseling services

Free; sliding scale; insurance; etc

- NPS and NPA’s

- SCOE services: ACE’s work; SOS;

- SCOE Career Technical Education

Coordinator for Work-Based Learning

Jessica Progulske (707) 524-2836

8. End of the Year SCASP Party @ Kendall-Jackson winery off the 101

Date: Thursday June 1st. From 3-5 p.m.

$300.00 budget was approved.

Updates on :

# of SCASP members who have RSVP’d?

Fee for non-members

Status of the Pre-deposit for the party?

Status of this event open to children?

Other items to address specific to the End of the Year Party? Suzy Tribbey to provide receipt from Kendall-Jackson

9. All Other Business (AOB) (Table until next meeting)

Do we want to support an event, similar to the past events where SCASP/SELPA facilitated a Panel Presentation w/ SCOE, SELPA, NPS’s, NPA’s, etc

Do we want to consider incorporating this into the Sept. Kick-off event?

Discuss transition process between current officers to future officers

Possible date for all current and future officers to meet in an effort to support a process of smooth transition, as well as hand-over of any necessary or required documents or files

Discuss an official name change from SCASP Steering Committee to SCASP Executive Committee for the 2017-18 year (this will align to current CASP practices)

Action Item - Vote

Discuss future date(s) for the first 2017-18 SCASP Executive Board Meeting

Action Item - Vote

Next / First 2017-18 SCASP Executive Board Mtg: ____________________ (To be scheduled around Zenia Horning and Lesley Charlesworth’s schedule)

Discuss how people report, are compensated or account for their participation in SCASP. Maura Ryan, SCASP’s 2017-18 Membership Committee Lead asked for clarification on this.


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